Protecting vital assets and determining the appropriate level of security is an ongoing challenge for all organizations. Critical data such as personally identifiable information (PII) and financial transactions are easier for rogue insiders and intruders to access and manipulate than most organizations realize.

On a weekly basis, it is hard to miss the news coverage of major organizational data breaches, marked by targeted attacks, compromised identities, credit cards or other business sensitive data. In today’s constantly changing threat environment where criminal organizations have replaced the stereotypical teenage hacker, it is vital to understand where the weaknesses are so that limited IT security resources and budget can be deployed appropriately.

At stake are an organization’s valuable assets – PII data, financial systems and intellectual capital. Increasingly, an organization’s brand integrity and regulatory compliance may be impacted by network and application-based vulnerabilities.

ACS helps reduce risk to critical business assets with a range of comprehensive security assessment, design and deployment offerings. These proven consulting methods are based on ISO 17799 / 27002 security best practices to help organizations of all sizes meet security objectives, achieve regulatory compliance, maintain business continuity and reduce overall risk. Our team of security experts employs proprietary toolsets, the latest threat intelligence and advanced countermeasures to help build effective security programs that protect and enhance business operations.

ACS security professionals specialize in using the latest in tools, techniques and methodologies, as well as distributed computing system, network, application and data security.

ACS consultants have honed their skills through corporate security leadership functions, security consulting, system administration and research and development. These security professionals are technically educated, but also apply solid business and project management methodologies and processes to client engagements.

ACS consultants use vulnerability data derived from proprietary and industry-leading assessment tools in conjunction with manual techniques to escalate and further assess networks. This capability is a primary differentiator and market distinction of ACS consultants.

Additionally, the ability to provide an actionable, prioritized set of risk-based findings will allow our clients to move towards a reduced risk environment.