– Marc Goodman
"I wholeheartedly agree with Marc’s perspective and encourage everyone to read his book and educate themselves on the seriousness of the cybersecurity problem we are facing now and into the foreseeable future." – Carlos Fernandes, CEO, Agile Cybersecurity Solutions

We are a trusted leader in Cybersecurity

Our unique combination of proven methodologies and multi-disciplined cyber expertise forms a proactive, end-to-end Cybersecurity solution. ACS offers everything that’s required to build a strong defense against the cyber threat, but also to keep you one step ahead of it.

  • Precognitive Capabilities

    A systematic way to build and organize knowledge from historical data in order to predict (forecast) future events before they occur.

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  • Unparalleled Expertise

    Our ACS Cyber SEALS have a deep understanding of every stage of the incident-management life cycle and are continually researching evolving IT security regulations, newly identified cyber threats and the latest security best practices.

  • Forming Relationships

    ACS professionals have long been a trusted partner in helping both commercial and government agencies secure and defend their computer networks. Our extensive and expansive Cybersecurity experience spans commercial, US Department of Defense (DoD) and US national intelligence agencies.

  • End-to-End Cyber Security Services

    Our trusted Information Assurance (IA) methodology integrates the NSA's INFOSEC Assessment Methodology (IAM), US federally mandated National Institute of Standards & Technology (NIST) guidelines, along with commercial compliance standards and governance based on ISO 17799 / 27002 security best practices.

  • Security Risk and Assessment

    Protecting vital assets and determining the appropriate level of security is an ongoing challenge for all organizations. We help reduce risk to critical business assets with a range of comprehensive security assessment, design and deployment offerings.

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  • Application Security Assessment

    We staff Application Security Assessment (ASA) engagements with experienced security consultants who have strong backgrounds in information security as well as software development, with a focus on application development.

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  • Software Assurance

    We have developed a Secure Software Development Lifecycle (SSDL) Methodology; a rugged approach to the complete software development lifecycle.

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  • Penetration Testing

    Our ACS Cyber SEALS demonstrate the effectiveness of existing security measures by attempting to exploit discovered weaknesses following ACS’s proven methodology. All testing is carefully controlled by authorized Rules of Engagement (RoE) and conducted in a manner that avoids network outages and maintains data integrity.

  • Cyber Analytics & Forensics

    Our advanced cyber analytics tools, methods, tactics and techniques help organizations connect the dots – available any time, from any location.

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  • Security Training & Awareness

    Our cyber training and awareness program leverages our labs and top cyber experts, forming a virtual breeding ground for ethical hackers, while educating the next generation of cyber warriors on the latest tools, methods, tactics and techniques.

  • IPv6

    ACS provides IPv6 training, consulting and transition support. Together, our team can help you build and execute the most cost-effective, low-risk plan to deal with this new and emerging threat.

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"We are excited to work with a world class organization such as Canon Solutions America and contribute toward their ability to continue to provide the kind of excellent service that they are known for and that their customers have come to expect from them." – Carlos Fernandes, CEO, Agile Cybersecurity Solutions

What others are saying about us

In the new economy, an agile workforce is the new normal. The ACS Cyber SEAL Program is designed to attract the best and brightest talent in the Cybersecurity space. We have found that most of the talent we are seeking cannot be hired through traditional means. We have developed this program to accommodate the needs of a growing segment of our workforce that is not interested in traditional W2 relationships, providing us with another venue for satisfying our clients’ need for world-class Cybersecurity talent. These Cybersecurity practitioners integrate seamlessly with existing teams and act as a catalyst for quick and decisive action, critical to next gen Cybersecurity services and solutions.

Who we are

ACS Cyber SEAL (defined): seasoned Cybersecurity professional that can be dropped into any Cyber mission or engagement, individually or as a member of a team, and get the job done ... anytime, anywhere ... if a solution does not exist, the ACS Cyber SEAL will create one.
Whom we serve
Members of our ACS Cyber SEAL Program are honored to have served these world-class organizations:
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